Darshan 3.4.4 now available

Darshan version 3.4.4 is now officially available for download HERE. This point release includes a few minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug leading to inconsistent heatmap record shapes when Darshan shared file reductions are disabled
    • Also added a darshan-util library fix to resolve this inconsistency on already impacted logs (any generated with 3.4.0+ versions of Darshan)
  • Added workaround for potential undefined symbol errors for ‘H5FD_mpio_init’ when LD_PRELOADing an HDF5-enabled runtime library
    • Bug triggered by 1.13+ versions of HDF5

We have also released PyDarshan on PyPI, though this is just to track the 3.4.4 darshan-util library. There are no modifications to PyDarshan functionality.

Documentation for Darshan and PyDarshan is available HERE.

Please report any questions, issues, or concerns with this release using the darshan-users mailing list or by opening an issue on our GitHub.