Darshan 3.4.5 now available

Darshan version 3.4.5 is now officially available for download HERE. This point release includes a couple of important new capabilities and bug fixes:

  • Added capability for Darshan’s runtime library to properly shutdown in non-MPI applications that call _exit() directly
    • This behavior has been commonly observed in the Python multiprocessing package, which has traditionally prevented Darshan from properly instrumenting applications that use it (e.g., the PyTorch DataLoader)
  • Added optional integration with the LDMS data/metrics collection system, allowing realtime analysis of Darshan instrumented I/O operations
  • Fixed bug preventing instrumentation of fscanf() calls on some systems
  • Fixed bug in HDF5 module causing any call to HDF5’s H5Pset_fapl_mpio() routine to fail 

We have also released PyDarshan on PyPI, though this is just to track the 3.4.5 darshan-util library. There are no modifications to PyDarshan functionality.

Documentation for Darshan and PyDarshan is available HERE.

Please report any questions, issues, or concerns with this release using the Darshan-users mailing list or by opening an issue on our GitHub.