darshan.datatypes package


darshan.datatypes.heatmap module

class darshan.datatypes.heatmap.Heatmap(mod=None)[source]

Bases: object

The Heatmap class is a convenience wrapper to Darshan Heatmap records. The structure can be sparse (e.g., not all ranks need to be populated)

add_record(rec: dict)[source]

Add heatmap record to heatmap.

rec: a heatmap record dictionary as returned by backend._log_get_heatmap_record

info(plot: bool = False)[source]

Print information about the record for inspection.

plot: show visualization of the heatmap data

to_df(ops: Sequence[str], interval_index: bool = True)[source]

Return heatmap as pandas dataframe.

ops: a sequence of keys designating which operations to use for data aggregation. If multiple operations are given, their dataframes will be summed. Allowed values: [“read”, “write”].

interval_index: bool to enable/disable interval indices for columns