FPMPI Distribution

       fpmpi2.tar.gz - full distribution with documentation
       fpmpi-patches - latest patches to the FPMPI distribution.

    FPMPI development repository

     Someday you will be able to work with development copy of FPMPI, and be up-to-date with our day-to-day work. This also facilitates easy submission of patches back to us. This usage is for experts only
     Additional Instructions to use development version of FPMPI

    Troubleshooting download problems

    If using internet connection sharing (via NAT box) or using a firewall,  FTP protocol does not work properly. You would need to use passive mode in the ftp protocol to be able to download the FPMPI distibution. Most web browsers, and some ftp clients use the ftp passive mode by default.
    If using wget, use the following options:
    wget --passive-ftp  ftp://ftp.mcs.anl.gov/pub/fpmpi/fpmpi2.tar.gz

    Explanation: FTP protocol (active mode) depends upon a connection from the 'server' to the 'client' for data transfer. This is illegal as far as NAT/firewalls are concerned. The only legal connections are the ones initiated by the clinet - i.e the machine behind the NAT/firewall.
    When passive mode is used - all required connections are initiated by the 'client' hence it is not a problem with NAT/firewalls. For a more detailed explanation check http://slacksite.com/other/ftp.html