Quarterly newsletter, January 2021

Platform notes:


  • All of the ANL-hosted git repositories (https://xgitlab.cels.anl.gov/sds/) will be moving within the next few months. We will communicate when that happens.
    • There are no changes to policy or access (in fact, access will likely change for the better); it’s just that the xgitlab.cels instance that we are using is being decommissioned
  • We are working on landing a Spack PR (https://github.com/spack/spack/pull/20273) that will introduce a “mochi-margo” package, maintained by us, to replace the out-of-date “margo” package
    • Once this is done, we will likely start upstreaming more packages that depend on margo-mochi

Mochi service development news:

  • Work continues on a new component called “Bedrock” that can be used to more easily bootstrap microservice compositions (https://xgitlab.cels.anl.gov/sds/bedrock).
    • Bedrock is already available, and we are in the process of updating existing services to use it.
    • You can think of bedrock as a general-purpose Mochi daemon that takes a JSON configuration file describing how to spin up embedded microservices
  • We are actively working on performance tuning of “Benvolio”, which you can think of as a runtime I/O delegation service (i.e. that provides a more generic version of MPI-IO aggregation capabilities). https://xgitlab.cels.anl.gov/sds/benvolio

Upcoming training events:

  • We plan to host a BoF session at this year’s (virtual) ECP annual meeting
    in mid-April, with a mechanism for people to sign up for one on one
    sessions for more detailed interaction. (https://ecpannualmeeting.com/)
  • Please let us know what other kinds of outreach/training you are interested in this year.