/*  $Id: attach.h,v 1997/09/17 20:39:24 gropp Exp $

/* This file contains support for bringing processes up stopped, so that
 * a debugger can attach to them     (done for TotalView)

/* Update log
 * Nov 27 1996 jcownie@dolphinics.com: Added the executable_name to MPIR_PROCDESC


#ifndef VOLATILE
#if defined(__STDC__) || defined(__cplusplus)
#define VOLATILE volatile
#define VOLATILE

*                                DEBUGGING SUPPORT                           *

/* A little struct to hold the target processor name and pid for
 * each process which forms part of the MPI program.
 * We may need to think more about this once we have dynamic processes...
 * DO NOT change the name of this structure or its fields. The debugger knows
 * them, and will be confused if you change them.
typedef struct {
  char * host_name;           /* Something we can pass to inet_addr */
  char * executable_name;     /* The name of the image */
  int    pid;		      /* The pid of the process */

/* Array of procdescs for debugging purposes */
extern MPIR_PROCDESC *MPIR_proctable;
extern int MPIR_proctable_size;

/* Various global variables which a debugger can use for 
 * 1) finding out what the state of the program is at
 *    the time the magic breakpoint is hit.
 * 2) inform the process that it has been attached to and is
 *    now free to run.
extern VOLATILE int MPIR_debug_state;
extern VOLATILE int MPIR_debug_gate;
extern char * MPIR_debug_abort_string;
extern int          MPIR_being_debugged; /* Cause extra info on internal state
					  * to be maintained
/* Values for the debug_state, this seems to be all we need at the moment
 * but that may change...