13.13.5. Function Name Cross Reference

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Since some of the C++ bindings have slightly different names than their C and Fortran counterparts, this section maps each language neutral MPI-1 name to its corresponding C++ binding.

For brevity, the `` MPI::'' prefix is assumed for all C++ class names.

Where MPI-1 names have been deprecated, the <none> keyword is used in the ``Member name'' column to indicate that this function is supported with a new name (see Annex Language Binding ).

Where non- void values are listed in the ``Return value'' column, the given name is that of the corresponding parameter in the language neutral specification.

MPI Function C++ class Member name Return value


Comm Abort void
MPI_ALLGATHERV Intracomm Allgatherv void
MPI_ALLGATHER Intracomm Allgather void
MPI_ALLREDUCE Intracomm Allreduce void
MPI_ALLTOALLV Intracomm Alltoallv void
MPI_ALLTOALL Intracomm Alltoall void
MPI_BARRIER Intracomm Barrier void
MPI_BCAST Intracomm Bcast void
MPI_BSEND_INIT Comm Bsend_init Prequest request
MPI_BSEND Comm Bsend void
MPI_BUFFER_ATTACH Attach_buffer void
MPI_BUFFER_DETACH Detach_buffer void* buffer
MPI_CANCEL Request Cancel void
MPI_CARTDIM_GET Cartcomm Get_dim int ndims
MPI_CART_COORDS Cartcomm Get_coords void
MPI_CART_CREATE Intracomm Create_cart Cartcomm newcomm
MPI_CART_GET Cartcomm Get_topo void
MPI_CART_MAP Cartcomm Map int newrank
MPI_CART_RANK Cartcomm Get_rank int rank
MPI_CART_SHIFT Cartcomm Shift void
MPI_CART_SUB Cartcomm Sub Cartcomm newcomm
MPI_COMM_COMPARE Comm static Compare int result
MPI_COMM_CREATE Intracomm Create Intracomm newcomm
MPI_COMM_DUP Intracomm Dup Intracomm newcomm
Cartcomm Dup Cartcomm newcomm
Graphcomm Dup Graphcomm newcomm
Intercomm Dup Intercomm newcomm
Comm Clone Comm& newcomm
Intracomm Clone Intracomm& newcomm
Cartcomm Clone Cartcomm& newcomm
Graphcomm Clone Graphcomm& newcomm
Intercomm Clone Intercomm& newcomm
MPI_COMM_FREE Comm Free void
MPI_COMM_GROUP Comm Get_group Group group
MPI_COMM_RANK Comm Get_rank int rank
MPI_COMM_REMOTE_GROUP Intercomm Get_remote_group Group group
MPI_COMM_REMOTE_SIZE Intercomm Get_remote_size int size
MPI_COMM_SIZE Comm Get_size int size
MPI_COMM_SPLIT Intracomm Split Intracomm newcomm
MPI_COMM_TEST_INTER Comm Is_inter bool flag
MPI_DIMS_CREATE Compute_dims void

MPI Function C++ class Member name Return value


MPI_ERRHANDLER_FREE Errhandler Free void
MPI_ERROR_CLASS Get_error_class int errorclass
MPI_ERROR_STRING Get_error_string void
MPI_FINALIZE Finalize void
MPI_GATHERV Intracomm Gatherv void
MPI_GATHER Intracomm Gather void
MPI_GET_COUNT Status Get_count int count
MPI_GET_ELEMENTS Status Get_elements int count
MPI_GET_PROCESSOR_NAME Get_processor_name void
MPI_GRAPHDIMS_GET Graphcomm Get_dims void
MPI_GRAPH_CREATE Intracomm Create_graph Graphcomm newcomm
MPI_GRAPH_GET Graphcomm Get_topo void
MPI_GRAPH_MAP Graphcomm Map int newrank
MPI_GRAPH_NEIGHBORS_COUNT Graphcomm Get_neighbors_count int nneighbors
MPI_GRAPH_NEIGHBORS Graphcomm Get_neighbors void
MPI_GROUP_COMPARE Group static Compare int result
MPI_GROUP_DIFFERENCE Group static Difference Group newgroup
MPI_GROUP_EXCL Group Excl Group newgroup
MPI_GROUP_FREE Group Free void
MPI_GROUP_INCL Group Incl Group newgroup
MPI_GROUP_INTERSECTION Group static Intersect Group newgroup
MPI_GROUP_RANGE_EXCL Group Range_excl Group newgroup
MPI_GROUP_RANGE_INCL Group Range_incl Group newgroup
MPI_GROUP_RANK Group Get_rank int rank
MPI_GROUP_SIZE Group Get_size int size
MPI_GROUP_TRANSLATE_RANKS Group static Translate_ranks void
MPI_GROUP_UNION Group static Union Group newgroup
MPI_IBSEND Comm Ibsend Request request
MPI_INITIALIZED Is_initialized bool flag
MPI_INIT Init void
MPI_INTERCOMM_CREATE Intracomm Create_intercomm Intercomm newcomm
MPI_INTERCOMM_MERGE Intercomm Merge Intracomm newcomm
MPI_IPROBE Comm Iprobe bool flag
MPI_IRECV Comm Irecv Request request
MPI_IRSEND Comm Irsend Request request
MPI_ISEND Comm Isend Request request
MPI_ISSEND Comm Issend Request request
MPI_OP_CREATE Op Init void
MPI_OP_FREE Op Free void
MPI_PACK_SIZE Datatype Pack_size int size
MPI_PACK Datatype Pack void

MPI Function C++ class Member name Return value


Pcontrol void
MPI_PROBE Comm Probe void
MPI_RECV_INIT Comm Recv_init Prequest request
MPI_RECV Comm Recv void
MPI_REDUCE_SCATTER Intracomm Reduce_scatter void
MPI_REDUCE Intracomm Reduce void
MPI_REQUEST_FREE Request Free void
MPI_RSEND_INIT Comm Rsend_init Prequest request
MPI_RSEND Comm Rsend void
MPI_SCAN Intracomm Scan void
MPI_SCATTERV Intracomm Scatterv void
MPI_SCATTER Intracomm Scatter void
MPI_SENDRECV_REPLACE Comm Sendrecv_replace void
MPI_SENDRECV Comm Sendrecv void
MPI_SEND_INIT Comm Send_init Prequest request
MPI_SEND Comm Send void
MPI_SSEND_INIT Comm Ssend_init Prequest request
MPI_SSEND Comm Ssend void
MPI_STARTALL Prequest static Startall void
MPI_START Prequest Start void
MPI_TESTALL Request static Testall bool flag
MPI_TESTANY Request static Testany bool flag
MPI_TESTSOME Request static Testsome int outcount
MPI_TEST_CANCELLED Status Is_cancelled bool flag
MPI_TEST Request Test bool flag
MPI_TOPO_TEST Comm Get_topo int status
MPI_TYPE_COMMIT Datatype Commit void
MPI_TYPE_CONTIGUOUS Datatype Create_contiguous Datatype
MPI_TYPE_FREE Datatype Free void
MPI_TYPE_INDEXED Datatype Create_indexed Datatype
MPI_TYPE_LB <none>
MPI_TYPE_SIZE Datatype Get_size int
MPI_TYPE_UB <none>
MPI_TYPE_VECTOR Datatype Create_vector Datatype
MPI_UNPACK Datatype Unpack void
MPI_WAITALL Request static Waitall void
MPI_WAITANY Request static Waitany int index
MPI_WAITSOME Request static Waitsome int outcount
MPI_WAIT Request Wait void
MPI_WTICK Wtick double wtick
MPI_WTIME Wtime double wtime

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