MPI test case assortment from IBM
(March 15 1995)

Available at

As we at IBM worked on our implementation of MPI we wrote many small test cases to verify that our code works consistently with our interpretation of the MPI Standard. Each of these tests is self checking within our implementation and most should self check correctly on any version of MPI. There are some which do use implementation dependant self checks and may report failure on a correct MPI. Many of the datatype test cases are in this class. Also, several of the tests use MPI_Init(0,0) which should be OK on any MPI which ignores the (&argc,&argv) parameters but which is not MPI Standard compliant. Except for these two issues, we are not aware of anything in these tests which does not comply with the MPI Standard. These tests are MPI-1.0 test cases which have not been updated to reflect the MPI-1.1 changes to the standard.

We invite any MPI implementer to try the tests against their MPI version. We believe that by sharing test cases among different groups each of which applied its own reading of the Standard, the level of cross platform MPI portability can be improved. We would appreciate feedback from anyone who tries these test cases. We especially welcome comment from anyone who believes some test is inconsistent with the requirements of the Standard. No matter who persuades who, any time two different versions of MPI can converge on a single interpretation of some point in the Standard, MPI portability is improved for everyone.

We also encourage others who may have written MPI test cases to make them publicly available. Rusty and Bill at Argonne are willing to place other test case sets on pub/mpi/mpi-test at The IBM suite is already available there as ibmtsuite.tar.

Dick Treumann - [email protected]