The MPI Standard

  • The MPI Forum home page has links to the official copies of both the MPI 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 standard documents.
  • The MPI-2 Forum has completed its work. The MPI-2 standard is available in HTML. A version of the standard as a single (huge) HTML file is also available.
    A discussion of errors, ambiguities, and clarifications in MPI is available.
  • MPI Standard Version 1.1. This is a hypertext version of the MPI Standard, generated with tohtml. It does not contain the corrections noted in the errata.
  • A copy of Version 1.1 with all the changes from Version 1.0 marked in the margins can be found at MPI-1.Jun95.marked (Postscript).
  • A list of errata to the MPI 1.1 standard is available. A Postscript version is also available.
  • Postscript for MPI draft standard Version 1.0 of May 5, 1994.
  • Errata for Version 1.0 of the MPI standard
  • See also MPI2 for minutes of the meetings that led to Version 1.1 of the MPI standard.