Tuning for MPI Protocols


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Table of Contents

Tuning for MPI Protocols

Aggressive Eager

Tuning for Aggressive Eager

Rendezvous with Sender Push

Rendezvous Blocking

Tuning for Rendezvous with Sender Push

Rendezvous with Receiver Pull

Tuning for Rendezvous with Receiver Pull

Experiments with MPI Implementations

Multiparty Data Exchange

Scheduling for Contention

Jacobi Iteration

Background to Tests

Different Send/Receive Modes

Some Send/Receive Approaches

Scheduling Communications

Some Example Results

Send and Recv

Better to start receives first

Ensure recvs posted before sends

Receives posted before sends

Ordered (no overlap)

Shift with MPI_Sendrecv

Use of Ssend versions

Nonblocking Operations, Overlap Effective

Persistent Operations

Manually Advance Automaton

Summary of Results

Author: William D Gropp

Email: gropp@mcs.anl.gov

Home Page: http://www.mcs.anl.gov/~gropp

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