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To find more about MPI
Where MPI is used
Why MPI (why not pipes, sockets, streams,...)
How big is MPI
Sending and Receiving messages
Basic MPI
Glossary (continued)
Datatype constructors
Datatype constructors (continued)
Parallel hello world
Safe communication patterns
Nonblocking communication
Multiple Completions
Typical implementation (1)
Typical implementation (2)
Typical implementation (3)
Can MPI be implemented with no asynchronous agent?
A contentious issue
Collective Operations
Collective communication (1)
Collective communication (2)
Collective operations -- syntax
Collective communication algorithm -- broadcast
All-to-all communication -- polyalgorithm
Collective computation
Need for Communication scope
User defined collective operation -- correct execution
User-defined collective operation -- incorrect execution
User-defined collective operation -- another hazard
Groups and communicators
What else is there in MPI1
What else is there in MPI1 (continued)
What's in MPI2
Dynamic process management
Dynamic process management (continued)
Language issues
FORTRAN 90 problems
Asynchronous procedure invocation
The End