Who Designed MPI?

MPI was designed by a broad group of parallel computer users, vendors, and software writers. These included
  • Vendors - IBM, Intel, TMC, Meiko, Cray, Convex, Ncube
  • Library writers - PVM, p4, Zipcode, TCGMSG, Chameleon, Express, Linda
  • Application specialists and consultants
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    ARCOANLUC Santa Barbara
    ConvexGMDSyracuse University
    Cray ResearchLANLMichigan State University
    IBMLLNLOregon Grad Inst
    IntelNOAAUniversity of New Mexico
    KAINSFMississippi State University
    MeikoORNLU of Southampton
    NAGPNLUniveristy of Colorado
    nCUBESandiaYale University
    ParasoftSDSCUniversity of Tennessee
    ShellSRCUniversity of Maryland
    TMC Western Michigan Univeristy
      University of Edinburgh
      Cornell University
      Rice University
      University of San Francisco