Interior-Point Mailing List

The mailing list allows you to send announcements of new papers, conferences, software, and special journal issues relevant to interior-point methods to a large group by mailing your message to a single address.

All papers and announcements send through the list can be found in the Interior-Point Archive.

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This area is currently maintained by Joe Czyzyk and Steve Wright at Argonne National Laboratory.

Getting On and Off the List

You can join the mailing list by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can send a one-line message to the list manager program Majordomo. You can also unsubscribe from the list and get various other kinds of information by communicating directly with Majordomo. The address of Majordomo is [email protected]. The email message you send to this address can contain one or more of the following instructions.

Find out who is on the list
Subscribe yourself to the list. The address of the account you are mailing from will be entered on the list, and you will be sent a confirmation message.
Get yourself off the list. This only works if the address you are mailing from matches the one on the list. If it doesn't, you can say "unsubscribe [address]" where [address] is your address as it appears on the list. The (human) operator will then intervene to remove you from the list.
Retrieve general introductory information for the list
Retrieve other info, including more commands

Mailing to the List

To send email to the entire list, use the address [email protected]. Before you do, read the List Policy below. Please do not send service requests, subscribes, unsubscribes, etc, to this address. Look closely, dear reader - the email address for service requests has the character string REQUEST in it.

If you want to announce a new paper to the whole list, the best way to do it is through the submission web page. This makes up a nice neat message for you to send the list, and makes up a nice chunk of html code that the archive managers can use to update the Interior-Point Methods Online Archive conveniently.

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