MPI Parallel Environment (MPE)


MPE is a software package for MPI ( Message Passing Interface ) programmers. The package provides users with a number of useful tools for their MPI programs. Current available tools under MPE are :
  1. A set of profiling libraries to collect information about the behaviour of MPI programs. Linking user MPI program with the libraries will generate logfile for post-mortum visualization when user program is executed.
  2. Various viewers for the logfiles.
  3. A shared-display parallel X graphics library.
  4. A profiling wrapper generator for MPI interface.
  5. Routines for sequentializing a section of code being executed in parallel.
  6. Debugger setup routines.
For detailed information of MPE, see User's Guide for MPE or download the Postscript or PDF versions. The software package can be obtained in Download Page.