PAISE 2020

2nd Workshop on Parallel AI and Systems for the Edge

PAISE 2020


As one of the panelists last year excellently noted, the goal of the workshop is to foster a discussion around somewhat open problems; not presentations on definitive and narrow improvements over existing solutions. After considering all options, unfortunately, we do not see a good way to accomplish this vibrant discussion virtually, across time-zones. PAISE 2020 will hence be non-interactive. However, like PAISE 2019, we will post slide-decks of the selected papers, accompanied by a video presentation on this site.

For this year's workshop, we plan to post two artifacts -

  • An extended slide deck consisting of 15-20 slides, capturing the key aspects and discussions of the paper.
  • In lieu of the in-person talk, a 15-20 min video oral presentation will be posted for each of the accepted papers listed below.
  • Authors, please upload your files using this form.

    Accepted Papers

  • Multiperspective Automotive Labeling. Luke Jacobs, Akhil Kodumuri, Jim James, Seongha Park and Yongho Kim
  • Integrating DOTS With Blockchain Can Secure Massive IoT Sensors. Syed Badruddoja, Ram Dantu, Logan Widick, Zachary Zaccagni and Kritagya Upadhyay
  • Indirect Deconvolution Algorithm. Marat Dukhan
  • Energy-Efficient Machine Learning on the Edges. Mohit Kumar, Xingzhou Zhang, Liangkai Liu, Yifan Wang and Weisong Shi
  • Analyzing Deep Learning Model Inferences for Image Classification using OpenVINO. Zheming Jin and Hal Finkel
  • Workshop Organizers