Argonne National Laboratory Mihai Anitescu, Ph.D, Computational Mathematician
Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division
Comp Math 310, Part B: Optimization

Stat 343: Applied Linear Models.

Note: " ****" = "To be determined"

Important: At this time, most class info is through the UC Chalk Website


  • First Lecture: Oct 1, 2012. Last lecture: Dec 5, 2012

  • Class Meets: M-W **--** pm, *****.

  • Office Hours: M-W **-** pm, Searle 104, or by appointment.




  1. Primary: JJ Faraway (2004) Linear models with R, Chapman & Hall/CRC
  2. Secondary: S. Weisberg (2005) Applied Linear Regression, Third Edition. Freely available online for members of the university community.


  1. Older free version of textbook 1: Faraway "Practical Regression and Anova using R"
  2. Paradis: A beginner guide to R
  3. CRAN R-project website.
  4. R hints for Matlab users (such as me).

What I assume is known by the students.

  1. Linear algebra.
  2. (less extent) Multivariate calculus
  3. Introductory probability and statistics.

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