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MCS work environment tips

Publishing papers in MCS (as of 10/01/2008).

As part of our research we prepare manuscripts for publication in journals, conference proceedings, and books. This is an important part of our work. Once you prepare a manuscript we need to get a preprint or report number and clear the manuscript with ANL. This requirement also applies to manuscripts prepared with co-authors at other institutions. Judy Beumer (beumer@mcs.anl.gov) is in charge of clearing manuscripts, and she can give a preprint and report numbers. Just send her a pdf file of the manuscript along with information on where the manuscript will be submitted. She will take it from there. Manuscripts should be cleared before they are submitted for publication.

Copyright transfer form. We should send this form to Judy, and she will take care of it. Argonne scientists should not sign it themselves. If the corresponding coauthor is non-ANL, we inform them that we must sign our own copyright transfer form.

Once you do that, the resulting preprint is available online at the MCS preprint server.

Creating Collaborator Accounts in ANL (12/22/2008).

Have you collaborator fill the form at https://webapps.anl.gov/collaborator/. If VPN access is needed, Pat Pepper must fill ANL-730 for you.