Argonne National Laboratory Mihai Anitescu, Ph.D, Computational Mathematician
Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division

Contact Information


Mihai Anitescu                      

Argonne National Laboratory

Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Building 240 (Office: 1F1147)

9700 S. Cass Avenue

Argonne, IL 60439

Ph: 630 252 4172.

Fax: 630 252 5986.

email: anitescu (at) mcs (dot) anl (dot) gov

email: macser-director (at)


Mihai Anitescu                      

The University of Chicago

Department of Statistics

Eckhart Hall Room 108 (Office: Eckhart 120A)

Chicago, IL 60637

Ph: 773 702 8338


email: anitescu (at) galton (dot) uchicago (dot) edu



Personal Policies

  • ABOUT MANUSCRIPTS SENT TO ME IN ANY CAPACITY: Please send me electronic formats, Pdf preferred
  • ABOUT LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: I need about 4 weeks to complete a letter, once I receive a research statement, and a FULL CV.
  • ABOUT UNSOLICITED REQUESTS FOR PAPER SUBMISSIONS OR CONSIDERATIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT: I cannot promise to answer such emails much less to follow up on them.
  • ABOUT MEETINGS. Please tell me at least one week in advance about a meeting I am supposed to be at.

  • ABOUT REGULAR TECHNICAL MEETINGS. My meetings day is Thursday.
  • (CONJECTURE) ABOUT MEETINGS. I find that Mondays are the busiest days by far. It is therefore the least likely day that I will be able to participate in a meeting.

Personal Quirks

  • Questions I like to ask my supervisees (they do not have to answer them :-) )
    • Why do you want to do <....>? Where will this lead you?
    • What is the research experience you enjoyed the most?

If you read all that ...

you are allowed to look at my photos

At Haystack Rock, 2004 


In my office at Pitt, 1999

Grenoble 2012Grenoble 1992 ; romanian party at finishing "le stage de fin d'etudes"