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Emil M.
Computational Mathematician
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Mathematics and Computer Science
Argonne National Laboratory

Fellow of the Computation Institute
University of Chicago



- Time stepping
- Uncertainty
ANL Stuff

MacPort: Guide

Git: Github-git-cheat-sheet

Surplus: procedure. Buying a Mac?

Conference attendance: http://inside.anl.gov/tools/applications/conference-attendance-system

Conference calling: http://inside.anl.gov/cis/services/telecom/confmngr.html

Share point: https://www.vjpo.org/DIS_Support/windpower/default.aspx

Publication procedure: "the author emails Ja-Quel the information specified in the document, she enters the info in PANDA, and the author gets a notification to login, verify the information is correct, and approve" https://collab.mcs.anl.gov/display/MCS/Procedures

Wiki: https://collab.mcs.anl.gov/display/MCS/MCS+WIKI

Mail migration: https://collab.mcs.anl.gov/display/MailMigration; Lightning configuration

Personal Space: https://collab.mcs.anl.gov/display/PS/Personal+Space+Home

ANL history: Oral History Transcript - Dr. Alan Schriesheim

ANL history #2: Bill Davidon / home page


Conference attendance system:


If you plan on attending a conference, workshop or meeting, you must register the conference in the Conference Attendance System (CAS) as soon as you are aware you will be attending. You should register even if you are not completely sure that you will be attending. This applies to ANY type of meeting even if it is being held at DOE. You must register ALL events, regardless of type.

After you register, you will get an email confirming your registration. If you do not get an email, please contact me or Judy Benigno in Conference Services at 2-5586 or jbenigno@anl.gov, so that one of us can get the confirmation sent to you and verify that you have been registered.

Once the conference, meeting, etc. is approved or has been deemed not applicable (excluded), you will get an email with the updated status. The email with the approval or exclusion status will be required to be scanned in with your receipts when you file your expense report. Your expense report WILL NOT be processed if you do not have the email showing the final status of the meeting or conference in the Conference Attendance System.

Please remember that there is a minimum time registration requirement. You will see the information regarding this requirement when you log into the CAS. CAS link: http://inside.anl.gov/tools/applications/conference-attendance-system If you would like me to register you, please let me know via email. Please do not assume that I have registered you if you have not emailed me with the information. If you are unsure of the status of your registration, please contact me and I will be able to look it up in the system.


--- copy from http://sites.google.com/site/icismultiphysics2011/home/workshop-collaboration ---

1. [Assuming you already have a local clone of a remote repository - and no local changes yet,] Get the latest changes from the remote repository - before starting local changes
hg pull -u

2. Make changes to working files in the local clone.

3. Check the changes [wrt the previous repository state] with:
hg status
hg diff

4. Commit the changes to the local repository with:
hg commit

5. Now push these commited changes to the remote repository. This might involve obtaining commited changes from the remote repository and merging with local changes.
hg pull
hg merge
hg commit
hg push

- If there are no new changes in the remote repository to pull - then the merge operation [and a subsequent commit operation] is not needed.
- 'hg pull -u' is equivalent to 'hg pull [from remote repo metadata to local repo metadata]; hg update [from local repo metadata to local repo working files]'

The rest of this page describes certain ANL or MCS procedures...


Publication process:

::> ... prepare your manuscript (the hard part), you need to get a preprint or report number and clear the manuscript with ANL. This requirement also applies to manuscripts prepared with co-authors at
other institutions.

::>Judy Beumer (beumer@mcs.anl.gov) is in charge of clearing manuscripts, and she can give you preprint and report numbers. Just send her a pdf file of the manuscript along with information on where the manuscript
will be submitted. She will take it from there. Manuscripts should be cleared before they are submitted for publication.

::> you are usually asked to sign a copyright transfer form. You should send this form to Judy, and she will take care of it. Do not sign it yourself. If the corresponding coauthor is non-ANL, inform them that we must sign our own copyright transfer form.

General purpose machines:

[new ones]

crush [2*quad-core, 32GB RAM]
sasquatch [2*quad-core, 2.66GHz, 12GB RAM]
yeti [2*quad-core, 2.66GHz, 12GB RAM]


Matlab lincenses: /soft/com/packages/Matlab_2010b/etc/glnxa64/lmutil lmstat -a