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Climate Science for a Sustainable Energy Future

Collaborators: Ilias Bilionis*, Xiaoyan Zeng*, Beth A. Drewniak

Funding: Office of Biological Environmental Research, Office of Science, Department of Energy

Synopsis: This study is part of the CSSEF project and is focused on the Crop sub-component of the land model (CLM). The CLM-Crop model is a complex system that relies on a suite of parametric inputs that govern plant growth under a given atmospheric forcing and available resources. CLM-Crop development used measurements GPP and NEE from AmeriFlux sites to choose parameter values that optimize crop productivity in the model.

The results below are from a calibration exercise of the CLM-Crop model with Bondville IL data. Part of the collaborative writing was carried out using writelatex.

Article on the new model: Researchers Wary as DOE Bids to Build Sixth U.S. Climate Model

Papers, Conference Presentations, and Proceedings

  • Ilias Bilionis*, Beth A. Drewniak, and Emil M. Constantinescu, "Crop physiology calibration in the CLM."Vol 8(4), Pages 1071-1083, Geoscientific Model Development, 2015.


  • Xiaoyan Zeng*, Beth A. Drewniak, and Emil M. Constantinescu, "Calibration of the crop model in the Community Land Model." Vol. 6(1), Pages 379-398, Geoscientific Model Development, submitted; Preprint # ANL/MCS-P3054-1112, 2013.


Preliminary results:Illustration of the callibration process for six parameters that affect the plant growth.

Crop model calibration
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