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Quantifying Global Structural Errors in Predictive Scientific Simulations

Funding: Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Office of Science, Department of Energy

Synopsis: Computational simulations of complex systems, such as climate and power grid applications, are needed to understand physical phenomena and design efficient systems. In this context, making accurate predictions is critical to DOE's energy security mission. A major difficulty in predictive modeling is correctly capturing the physics and component interactions across vastly different temporal and spatial scales. Typically, only a subset of these interactions is captured, leading to structural errors in model predictions that can result in inefficient operation or overdesign of elements that interact with these systems. To address this problem, this project will develop mathematically rigorous and robust numerical strategies for quantifying global structural errors and representing model errors in complex simulations. This work constitutes a novel direction in the way uncertainty is represented in dynamical simulations and will provide rigorous uncertainty prediction bounds in many engineering and science applications important to the DOE mission.

Papers, Conference Presentations, and Proceedings

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