Extrapolation-based implicit-explicit general linear methods


For many systems of differential equations modeling problems in science and engineering, there are natural splittings of the right hand side into two parts, one non-stiff or mildly stiff, and the other one stiff. For such systems implicit-explicit (IMEX) integration combines an explicit scheme for the non-stiff part with an implicit scheme for the stiff part. In a recent series of papers two of the authors (Sandu and Zhang) have developed IMEX GLMs, a family of implicit-explicit schemes based on general linear methods. It has been shown that, due to their high stage order, IMEX GLMs require no additional coupling order conditions, and are not marred by order reduction. This work develops a new extrapolation-based approach to construct practical IMEX GLM pairs of high order. We look for methods with large absolute stability region, assuming that the implicit part of the method is A- or L-stable. We provide examples of IMEX GLMs with optimal stability properties. Their application to a two dimensional test problem confirms the theoretical findings. textcopyright 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Numerical Algorithms