STSWM and PSTSWM Shallow Water Equation Codes

STSWM is a Fortran code that solves the shallow water equations using the spectral transform method. It was developed by J.J. Hack and R. Jakob of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). The distribution includes documentation.

The code includes routines for computing reference solutions for the test cases described in the paper by Williamson et. al. in JCP Vol 102, pages 211-224 (1992). Reference solutions generated by this code are available by anonymous ftp from (IP address in directory chammp/shallow.

PSTSWM is a parallel version of STSWM for message passing parallel computers. It contains a variety of parallel algorithms implementing the spectral transform method, and is useful for both pedagogical and benchmarking purposes. PSTSWM was written by Pat Worley and Ian Foster.

More information on PSTSWM can be found in two papers. The first describes the algorithms incorporated in PSTSWM and presents the results of performance studies on a variety of computers. The second describes the code structure.

You can obtain both the STSWM and PSTSWM codes, simply by clicking on their names. Or, you can use anonymous ftp: the server is, and the directory pub/chammp.

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