Other Parallel Tools

The proceedings of the Workshop on Systems Software and Tools for High Performance Computing Environments provides a summary of the state of the art in parallel tools in 1992, and a discussion of likely future directions.

Parallel Languages: Of the many parallel languages that have been defined over the years (see for example those listed by Guy Blelloch), we emphasize those for which robust compilers have been developed and with which there is considerable application experience.

Message-passing Libraries: Now that MPI has been defined, the need for other message passing libraries should disappear. But it will take some time before applications and programmers convert to the new standard. In addition, some existing libraries provide functionality not yet supported by MPI. Commonly-used libraries include:

Jonathon Wang provides a more extensive list of parallel tools, and Roy Williams has collected a list of free parallel software. The National Software Exchange provides access to a variety of parallel software.


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