Whats New on DBPP Online

This page lists new DBPP Online features, in reverse chronological order.

December 13th, 1995: Many more mirror sites added. See the list of mirror sites.

October 5th, 1995: A mirror site added at the University of Reading, U.K. See the list of mirror sites.

September 26th, 1995: Search feature enabled, thanks to Gang Cheng.

August 31st, 1995: New version of text that corrects errors as noted in errata, and incorporates other minor changes.

August 30th, 1995: Fancy new navigation icons.

July 2nd, 1995: Information about full-day tutorial at Supercomputing '95

February 3rd, 1995: New version of text, with improved navigation support and some minor HTML bug fixes.

February 2nd, 1995: Added errata page.

January 23th, 1995: Figures and bibliography now downloadable from the Education section.


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