About the photo: March 26, 2014 storm. 4x more powerful then Hurricane Sandy. Provided by @livingearthhd.

Robert Jacob

My research primarily involves the Earth's climate: how it functions and how it changes. I have a particular interest in long term internal variability of the climate and how climate change interacts with urban climate. I develop coupled climate models and conduct research into the computational, mathematical and theoretical issues involved in their construction.

Currently I'm working on

  • Energy Exascale Earth System Model I'm one of the leaders of multi-lab project to build a new climate model designed to tackle important DOE problems and run on the latest advanced hardware.
  • The Model Coupling Toolkit. I'm the main developer of a toolkit for constructing coupled models. MCT is the basis of the coupler for several leading climate models including E3SM, the Community Earth System Model., and various European models coupled with OASIS-MCT.
  • I'm participating in the Array of Things project to deploy a new type of sensor network in urban areas which will help us better understand the characteristics of urban heat islands.
  • The Fast Ocean Atmosphere Model. I'm the lead developer of this fully coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation model.

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