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Linux kernel linked list for user space

We can use Linux kernel linked list for user space with a very small modifications. It's a single header file. very handy!

Here is a recipe to fix list.h for user space program.

  1. Get linux/include/list.h
  2. Remove
  3. Add

You can get a modified header file(list.h) from here.

A sample program

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "list.h"

struct a_list
  struct list_head list;
  int   val;
  const char* str;

static void append(struct a_list* ptr,const char* str, int val)           
  struct a_list* tmp;
  tmp = (struct a_list*)malloc(sizeof(struct a_list));
  if(!tmp) {
  tmp->str = str;
  tmp->val = val;
  list_add_tail( &(tmp->list), &(ptr->list) );

int main()
  struct a_list  blist;
  struct a_list* iter; 

  /* add item to list */
  append(&blist, "NM", 87501);
  append(&blist, "CA", 94041);
  append(&blist, "IL", 60561);

  /* iterates list */
  list_for_each_entry(iter,&blist.list,list) {
    printf("%s %d\n", iter->str, iter->val);

  /* remove all items in the list */
  while( !list_empty(&blist.list) ) {
    iter = list_entry(,struct a_list,list);
  return 0;

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