Global Grid Forum Workshop on
Designing and Building Grid Services
(held in conjunction with GGF 9)

October 8, 2003 - Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Final Program

13:00-15:00 Session 1: Grid Services and Resource Management [Chair: Dave Snelling]
Ian Foster
Opening Remarks on Designing and Building Grid Services (ppt)
C. Eric Wu
Design and Implementation of Manageability Services for Common Management Model (ppt)
Kate Keahey, Matei Ripeanu, Karl Doering
Dynamic Creation and Management of Runtime Environments in the Grid (ppt)
Lavayna Ramakrishnan
Policy Management for OGSA Applications as Grid Services (ppt)
Jim Pruyne, Vijay Machiraju
Quertermaster: Grid Services for Data Centre Resource Reservation (ppt)
Discussion on Lessons from Reported Experiences
15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-17:00 Session 2: Data Intensive Grid Services [Chair: Marty Humphrey]
Mario Antonioletti, et al.
Experiences of Designing and Implementing Grid Database Services in the OGSA-DAI Project (ppt)
Nedim Alpdemir, et al.
An Experience Report on Designing and Building OGSA-DQP: A Service-Based Distributed Query Processor for the Grid
Savas Parastidis, Paul Watson
Experiences with Migrating myGrid Web Services to Grid Services (ppt)
William Allcock, Ravi Madduri
Lessons learned producing an OGSI compliant Reliable File Transfer System.(ppt)
Discussion on Lessons from Reported Experiences
17:00-17:30 Break
17:30-19:30 Session 3: Service Deployment and Control [Chair: Kate Keahey]
Glen Wasson and Marty Humphrey
Attribute-Based Programming for Grid Services (ppt)
Dennis Gannon, et al.
Building Grid Services for User Portals
Deepti Kodeboyina and Beth Plale
Experiences with OGSA-DAI: Portlet Access and Benchmark (ppt)
Laura Pearlman, et al.
Experiences using Grid Services for Control
Discussion on Lessons from Reported Experiences
General discussion