Illinois-Express Quantum Network (IEQNET)
Quantum technologies, based on quantum superposition, quantum entanglement and fundamental quantum metrology, create new opportunities in powerful computation, unparalleled precision sensing capabilities, and distributed secure communications.In alignment with the U.S. National Quantum Initiative goals on quantum communication technologies, the Illinois-Express Quantum Network (IEQNET), led by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, will develop and demonstrate operation of transparent optical quantum networks designs in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. IEQNET will bring together academic researchers from Northwestern University and Caltech, small businesses (NuCrypt, HyperLight), and the INQNET AT&T/Caltech consortium. The INQNET consortium is linked to NIST’s Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), led by SRI International. The proposed quantum network design includes existing Fermilab Quantum Network (FQNET) nodes and proposed university campus nodes at Northwestern University, both in Evanston and downtown Chicago, at the medical school campus. The project will benefit from existing R&D collaborations with quantum networking experts at the University of Calgary and will leverage existing conventional network infrastructure (Starlight) and experience from ESnet, the Energy Sciences high-speed computer network serving DOE scientists and their collaborators worldwide, managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The IEQNET quantum network design is referred to as “metropolitan” given its scale, and it will be architected to coexist with classical networks in the same optical fiber transmission system.