Argonne National Laboratory, September 8-10, 2003

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A user of optimization software often needs to find the global optimum, that is, the best local optimum. In many cases, local optima are physically meaningless, and finding the global optimum becomes a necessity. Unfortunately, the task of finding a global optimum is very difficult because standard optimization solvers usually get trapped in local optima.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts from different areas that have contributed to global optimization. 

Invited Speakers

bulletClaire S. Adjiman (Imperial College London, UK)
bulletPaul I. Barton (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
bulletR. Stephen Berry (University of Chicago)
bulletRichard Byrd (University of Colorado, Boulder)
bulletSteven Dirkse (GAMS Corporation)
bulletMichael C. Ferris (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
bulletChris Floudas (Princeton University)
bulletR. Baker Kearfott (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
bulletJeffrey T. Linderoth (Lehigh University)
bulletLaurent D. Michel (University of Connecticut)
bulletArnold Neumaier (Universit´┐Żt Wien, Austria)
bulletPanos M. Pardalos (University of Florida)
bulletNikolaos V. Sahinidis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
bulletHarold A. Scheraga (Cornell University)
bulletLinus E.Schrage (University of Chicago)


bulletMihai Anitescu (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletSteve Benson (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletLarry Curtiss (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletRobert Fourer (Northwestern University)
bulletMichael Friedlander (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletTony Gau (LINDO Systems Inc.)
bulletWilliam E. Hart (Sandia National Laboratories)
bulletPaul Hovland (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletJulius Jellinek (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletAndrzej Joachimiak (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletDmitry Karpeev (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletZhian Li (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletNatalia Maltsev (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletSanjay Mehrotra (Northwestern University)
bulletJuan C. Meza (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
bulletMike Minkoff (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletTodd S. Munson (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletJorge Nocedal (Northwestern University)
bulletBoyana Norris (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletSteve Pieper (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletZhenya Selkov (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletRon Shepard (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletNahil A. Sobh (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
bulletMichael Sternberg (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletFred Stevens (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletDieter Vandenbussche (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
bulletJohn Volmer (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletAl Wagner (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletRichard Waltz (Northwestern University)
bulletChenggang Yu (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletPeter Zapol (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletYunkai Zhou (Argonne National Laboratory)


bulletSven Leyffer (Argonne National Laboratory)
bulletJorge More' (Argonne National Laboratory)

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