Gail W. Pieper


At Argonne National Laboratory, I am MCS coordinator of writing and editing. My current professional activities include book editing, proposal writing, and preparation of press releases and other PR material. Previous projects included managing editor of the Journal of Automated Reasoning and technical editor of the Association for Automated Reasoning newsletter. I continue to assist the AAR president in preparing his periodic column.

Until 2011, I was also an adjunct professor at Benedictine University, where I taught classes in editing, research writing for the biological sciences, and literature of the ancient Mediterranean world. My current involvement focuses on copyediting books and dissertations for Ben U students and faculty.


  • Pacesetter Award, Argonne National Labortory, 2012
  • Pacesetter Award (with J. Feigl and K. Cobb), Argonne National Laboratory, 2006
  • Extraordinary Performance Award, Argonne National Laboratory, 1993
  • Pacesetter Award, Argonne National Laboratory, 1988
  • Books

  • (with L. Manca and A. Manca, eds.) Utopian Images and Narratives in Advertising: Dreams for Sale (Lexington Books, 2012)
  • (with J. Pellech) Comprehensive Handbook of Constructivist Teaching: From Theory to Practice (Information Age Publishing, 2009)
  • (with Peter Seely, eds.) Stoogeology (McFarland, 2007)
  • (with L. Wos) Automated Reasoning and the Discovery of Missing and Elegant Proofs (Rinton Press, 2003)
  • (with L. Manca) A Heretic in American Journalism Education and Research: Malcolm S. MacLean, Jr., Revisited (William Stephenson Center; dist. Rinton Press)
  • (with Larry Wos) A Fascinating Country in the World of Computing: Your Guide to Automated Reasoning (World Scientific, 2002)
  • (with Larry Wos) Collected Works of Larry Wos (World Scientific, 2000)
  • (with K. Nordin and J. Ursitti) Understanding the Funnies (Procopian Press, 1997)
  • Selected Papers and Reports

  • ``Writing a Good Bad-News Letter to the Stockholders,'' Issues in Writing 4, no. 2 (Spring/Summer 1992) 175-185

  • ``Commentary on Don Bush's Review of Unlocking the English Language by Robert Burchfield,'' Issues in Writing 5, no. 2 (Spring/Summer 1993), 208-210

  • (interview) “A Dual Career in Technical Writing: A Conversation with Gail Pieper,” Issues in Writing 6, no 2 (1994) 106-124

  • (invited co-editor, with L. Wos) Special issue on Automated Reasoning and Its Applications, Computers and Mathematics with Applications 29, no. 2 (January 1995)

  • (with Susan M. Picologlou), ``Technical Editing and the Effective Communication of Scientific Results,'' Proceedings of the Second Technical Women's Symposium, Argonne National Laboratory, 1996, pp. 151-154

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  • (with L. Manca), “Revisiting the Heretic,” pp. 3-5 in A Heretic in American Journalism Education and Research: Malcolm S. MacLean, Jr., Revisited, edited by L. Manca and G. W. Pieper, William Stephenson Center, 2001

  • (contributor with R. Bair and C. Drugan), “Opening New Possibilities in Science and Engineering,” SciDAC Review 7 (2008) 42-49

  • (contributor with C. Macal, M. J. North, and C. Drugan), “Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation for Exascale Computing,” SciDAC Review 8 (2008) 34-41

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  • (contributor with L. Wolf), “Biology and Medical Research at the Exascale,” SciDAC Review 16 (2010) 32-40

  • Address

    Mathematics and Computer Science Division
    Argonne National Laboratory
    9700 S Cass Ave
    Argonne, IL 60439

    [email protected]