Collected Works of Larry Wos

(in 2 volumes)

Larry Wos with Gail Pieper

Automated reasoning programs are successfully tackling challenging problems in mathematics and logic, program verification, and circuit design. This two-volume book includes all the published papers of Dr. Larry Wos -- one of the world's pioneers in automated reasoning.

The book has the following special features:

  • It presents the strategies introduced by Wos that have made automated reasoning a practical tool for solving challenging puzzles and deep problems in mathematics and logic
  • It provides a history of the field -- from its earliest stages as mechanical theorem proving to its broad base now as automated reasoning
  • It illustrates some of the remarkable successes automated reasoning programs have had in tackling challenging problems in mathematics, logic, program verification, and circuit design.
  • It includes a CD-ROM, with a searchable index of all the papers, enabling readers to peruse the papers easily for ideas
  • Readership: College students, teachers, researchers and historians of computer science.

    1600 pages (approx.)
    ISBN: 981-02-4001-5(set)

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