A Fascinating Country in the World of Computing:
Your Guide to Automated Reasoning

Larry Wos with Gail Pieper

This book shows you -- through examples and puzzles and intriguing questions -- how to make your computer reason logically. To help you, the book includes a CD-ROM with OTTER, the world's most powerful general-purpose reasoning system. The automation of reasoning has advanced markedly in the past few decades, and this book discusses some of the remarkable successes that automated reasoning programs have had in tackling challenging problems in mathematics, logic, program verification, and circuit design. Because the intended audience includes students and teachers, the book presents many exercises (with hints and also answers), as well as tutorial chapters that gently introduce readers to the field of logic and to automated reasoning in general. For more advanced researchers, the book presents challenging questions, many of which are still unsolved.

Contents: Introduction and Map for Reading the Book; Learning Logic by Example; A Brisk Introduction to Automated Reasoning; Logic Circuit Design; Logic Circuit Verification; Research in Mathematics and Logic; Formal Underpinnings; Guidelines for OTTER; Vignettes Focusing on the Companion Book, The Collected Works of Larry Wos; Open Questions; Appendixes with Input and Output Files and Proofs.

Readership: College students, teachers, researchers and historians of computer science.

660 pages
ISBN: 998-02-3910-6

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Erratum: p. 524 reads: When a line contains a "Comments are not echoed in the output file. It should say: When a line contains a % the remainder of the line is treated as a comment. Comments are not echoed in the output file.