Evgeni (Zhenya) Selkov

Senior Computational Biologist

Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S Cass Ave
Argonne, IL 60439

PHONE: (630) 252-5941
FAX: 630-252-5986


Major Accomplishments

  • Summary of Major Accomplishments
  • Recent Papers Online
  • R. Overbeek, N. Larsen, N. Maltsev, G. D. Pusch, and E. Selkov, "Metabolic Reconstruction Using the WIT/WIT2 Systems," in Bioinformatics: Databases and Systems, S. I. Letovsky, ed., Kluwer Academic (1999). ANL/MCS-P694-0997
  • T. Gaasterland and E. Selkov, "Reconstruction of Metabolic Networks Using Incomplete Information," 3rd Int'l Conf. on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England, 7/17-19/95. ANL/MCS-P575-0296
  • E. Selkov et al., "The Metabolic Pathway Collection from EMP: The Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways Database," Nucleic Acids Res. 24 (1996). ANL/MCS-P550-1295
  • Most Cited Papers
  • Sel'kov E., "On the Mechanism of Single-Frequency Self-Oscillations in Glycolysis. I. A Simple Kinetic Model," Eur. J. Biochem. 4(1), 79-86, 1968. Sel'kov E., "Stabilization of Energy Charge, Generation of Oscillation and Multiple Steady States in Energy Metabolism as a Result of Purely Stoichiometric Regulation," Eur. J. Biochem. 59(1), 151-157, 1975. (cited 72 times)
  • Boiteux A., Hess B., Sel'kov E. E., "Creative Functions of Instability and Oscillations in Metabolic Systems," Curr. Top. Cell. Reg. 17, 171-203, 1980. (cited 49 times)
  • Sel'kov E. E., "Two Alternative Oscillatory Stationary States in the Thiol Metabolicm -- Two Alternative Modes of Cell Proliferation: Normal and Malignant One," Biofizika 15(6), 1065-1073, 1970 (in Russian). (cited 35 times)
  • Selkov, E. Jr., Grechkin Y., Mikhailova N., Selkov E., "MPW: The Metabolic Pathways Database," Nucleic Acids Res. 26(1), 43-45, 1998. (cited 34 times)
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  • Reich J. G., Sel'kov E. E., Geier Th., Dronova V., "Elementary Properties of Energy-Regenerating Pathways," Studia Biobphysica 54, 57-76, 1976. (cited 30 times)
  • Selkov E., Basmanova S., Gaasterland T., Goryanin I., Grechkin Y., Maltsev N., Nenashev V., Overbeek R., Panyushkina E., Pronevich L., Sel'kov E., Jr., Yunus I., "The Metabolic Pathway Collection from EMP: The Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways Database," Nucleic Acids 24 (1), 26-28, 1996.
  • Research Interests

  • Modeling of whole cells (initially prokaryotes)
  • Analysis and simulation of cell networks
  • Cofounder of Integrated Genomics
  • Curriculum Vita

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