SUPER SciDAC - Fall 2012 Meeting

Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois

September 26-27, 2012


This is a project-wide meeting for the SUPER SciDAC project. Progress reports will be presented and future milestones will be reviewed.

Registration and local information

Please fill out the registration form (even if you have a DOE badge) at by June 26.

In Section IV of this form you should provide the following information:
Purpose of Visit: Attend SUPER SciDAC meeting
Dates/times at Argonne: [depends on participants]
Who is hosting your visit?: Boyana Norris/Stefan Wild
Host's administrative contact: La Joyce Bullock
Transportation to Argonne: [choose one]
Special Requirements: [any dietary restrictions/requests you have]

Here is a PDF map to help you get around Argonne. The MCS Division and meeting location is building 240. The Cafeteria is Building 223 (10-minute walk from MCS). The Argonne Guesthouse is building 460, a 20-minute walk to/from MCS, and we'll provide transportation between the two at the beginning and end of each day.

Argonne is a 20-45 minute (depending on traffic) drive from Midway (MDW) and O'hare (ORD) airports. There are tolls along the most direct route from ORD.

Information on getting to Argonne. To obtain a pre-negotiated rate, we recommended that you book a limo (United, 1-800-826-0341) or taxi (Citi-Suburban, 1-888-495-5554) in advance. For quicker access to the lab, request that the driver be a US citizen. Consider coordinating transportation with other attendees using the Airport ride/car share form. If you did not specify your travel details in the registration form, please email La Joyce Bullock (bullock at with your travel details once you've made a reservation.

Contact Numbers:
La Joyce Bullock, 630-252-1842
Boyana Norris, 630-252-7908 (office); Stefan Wild, 630-252-9948 (office)


A block of rooms has been reserved for the meeting at the Argonne GuestHouse. Rates are $79.50 per night. Guests should make their own reservation and can mention the "SUPER SciDAC" by filling out the registration form but in any case will be asked to call the guesthouse at 1-800-632-8990 with your credit card details to guarantee a reservation. Please make reservations by August 8.
The closest off-site hotel is the Extended Stay Hotel at 2345 Sokol Court in Darien. The next closest hotels (Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Red Roof Inn) are located in Willowbrook, IL.


Working Agenda

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be in the Building 240 Conference Center, room 1406.

WEDNESDAY 09-26-2012

8:30 AM

Rides provided from Argonne Guesthouse

8:45 AM

Coffee and Pastries provided (Building 240, 1406)

9:00 AM

Boyana Norris - Welcome and safety orientation

9:15 AM

Bob Lucas - Agenda and overview

10:00 AM

Progress update and discussion (all 7 areas, 15 minutes each)

12:00 PM

FASTMath talk - Barry Smith (lunch provided)

1:00 PM

Breakout sessions (2)

1:45 PM

Breakout sessions (2)

2:30 PM

Espresso Break (with LANS)

3:00 PM

I/O Profiling and Tuning - Kevin Harms, ALCF

3:30 PM

Breakout sessions (2)

4:15 PM

Breakout sessions (2)

5:00 PM

Wrap-up, agenda for tomorrow

5:15 PM


6:30 PM

Dinner (Meet outside of 240 at 5:30PM for rides)

La Petite Folie, 1504 East 55th Street, Chicago, IL 60615
Doodle scheduling poll

End 8:30 PM

THURSDAY 09-27-2012

8:00 AM

Rides provided from Argonne Guesthouse

8:15 AM

Coffee and Pastries provided (Building 240)

8:30 AM

Dr. Ceren Susut, ASCR

9:15 AM

SciDAC Application Briefing, Doug Jacobsen, LANL

10:00 AM

Coffee Break

10:15 AM

SAP Discussions and Coordination (Bob Lucas)

11:00 AM

Wrap-up, Planning

12:00 PM

Lunch (walk to Argonne cafeteria)

1:00 PM --

Continue technical discussions

Registered Participants (as of 9/18):

  1. David Bailey (LBNL)
  2. Prasanna Balaprakash (ANL)
  3. Laura Carrington (SDSC)
  4. Ray Chen (Maryland)
  5. Bronis de Supinski (LLNL)
  6. Pedro Diniz (USC)
  7. Mike Fagan (Rice)
  8. Robert Fowler (UNC)
  9. George Gamblin (LLNL)
  10. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan (Utah)
  11. Marc Casas Guix (LLNL)
  12. Mary Hall (Utah)
  13. Thomas Herault (UT)
  14. Jeffrey Hollingsworth (Maryland)
  15. Paul Hovland (ANL)
  16. Kevin Huck (UO)
  17. Doug Jacobsen (LANL)
  18. Chunhua (Leo) Liao (LLNL)
  19. Robert Lucas (USC)
  20. Gabriel Marin (ORNL)
  21. Jiayuan Meng (Argonne LCF)
  22. Kathryn Mohor (LLNL)
  23. Shirley Moore (UTEP)
  24. Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan (ANL)
  25. Boyana Norris (ANL)
  26. Leonid Oliker (LBNL)
  27. Daniel Quinlan (LLNL)
  28. Zvonimir Rakamaric (Utah)
  29. Manu Shantharam (Utah)
  30. Barry Smith (ANL)
  31. Marc Snir (ANL)
  32. Sukhyun Song (Maryland)
  33. Ceren Susut (DOE)
  34. Dan Terpstra (UT)
  35. Ananta Tiwari (SDSC)
  36. Stefan Wild (ANL)
  37. Patrick Worley (ORNL)