Michael J. Wilde 

Software Architect
Distributed Computing Laboratory
Math and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Building 240 Room 5141

Fellow, Computation Institute
University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory


tel 630.252.7497

Research interests: parallel programming, parallel scripting languages, data provenance, scientific and engineering computing

Current Research: The Swift parallel scripting language     Falkon: a fast and light-weight task execution framework

Scientific application collaborations

CNARI – Computational Neuroscience Application Research Infrastructure
– The Open Protein Simulator, Freed & Sosnick laboratories
– Protein post-translational modification mapper, Zhao laboratory
– Social, Economic and Environmental modeling
– Parallel Structural Equation Modeling in R
NewsLab – Real time analysis of the economic factors behind the news media
LigandAtlas – high throughput molecular dynamics on the ALCF Blue Gene/P
– Neuroscience of C. elegans with realtime image analysis

Education Projecst:

            Open Science Grid Education
            I2U2 – Interactions in Understanding the Universe