Justin M. Wozniak

▣ Computer Scientist

Data Science & Learning
Argonne National Laboratory

▣ Scientist At-Large

Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering
University of Chicago

Building 240 Room 5139
Argonne, IL 60439 USA
(630) 252-3351

▣ Groups

▣ Research

My research is currently focused on novel languages for high-performance scientific computing and systems development. Much of my recent work is related to the composition of high-performance scientific workflows. I have also been involved in storage system research and design. I am interested in concurrency, fault tolerance and recovery, simulation of computer systems, and control theoretic applications in computing systems. Infrastructures targeted by my projects include clusters, clouds, grids, and supercomputers such as the IBM Blue Gene/Q and the Cray XE6/XK6.

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