2018, Oct 23    

This is a list of the various software libraries that I have created as part of various research projects. Feel free to contact me if you are interested or need help downloading, building, or using any of the software in this page.


Fast Phasing Library FPL.


PtychoLib is a parallel Multi-GPU open source library for real-time ptychographic phase retrieval. It uses a hybrid parallel approach, through MPI and CUDA, to divide the computation between multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) and then employs novel techniques to merge subdatasets into a single complex phase and amplitude image.


LibCudaOptimize is a GPU-based open source library that allows you to run state-of-the-art bio-inspired optimization heuristics in parallel to optimize a fitness function, introduce a new optimization algorithm, or easily modify/extend existing ones. It has been employed for different applications, from computer vision problems (autonomous cars, histological structure detection and segmentation), to fitting of mathematical models to data from Molecular Dynamic (MD) simulations, and digitized waveforms of gamma-ray detectors.

Doxygen documentation.

EVAN Toolbox

The EVAN Toolbox (ET) is is a visual programming platform for virtual anthropology developed under the European Virtual Anthropology Network - EVAN. EVAN was a multidisciplinary project funded by the European Union with the aim of developing and applying Geometric Morphometrics (GM) tools to the analysis of biological form. The software uses a workflow approach, where independent tasks (data analysis, aggregation, and visualization) are represented in a directed graph having the tasks as nodes and data flow as edges.