petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


retrieves the numbers of edges emanating from the each of the supplied global indices, provided they fall into the local ownership range. Other indices result in an error.


#undef  __FUNCT__
#define __FUNCT__ "MatIJGetRowSizes"
PetscErrorCode MatIJGetRowSizes(Mat A, MatIJIndexType intype, PetscInt len, const PetscInt *inidxi, PetscInt **sizes) 
Not collective

Input parameters

A - pseudograph
intype - (MATIJ_LOCAL | MATIJ_GLOBAL) meaning of inidxi: local support numbers or global indices
len - the length of the index list, or PETSC_DETERMINE to indicate all of the locally supported indices
inidxi - array (of length len) of global indices whose image sizes are sought; ignored if len == PETSC_DETERMINE, which is equivalent to using all of the supported indices.

Output parameters

sizes -array (of length len) of image sizes of the global indices in inidxi


This operation fails for a nonassembled matrix.- . If len is PETSC_DEFAULT, inidxi must be PETSC_DEFAULT, and vice versa.
The caller is responsible for freeing sizes.-

See Also

MatIJ, MatIJGetRowSizesSupported(), MatIJGetImage(), MatIJGetImageIS(), MatIJGetMaxRowSize()

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