Argonne National Laboratory, September 8-10, 2003

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Special issue of Mathematical Programming (Series B) on Global Optimization

We are editing a special issue of Mathematical Programming (Series B) dedicated to global optimization. For details and deadlines, see the call for papers. This call is not restricted to participants of the theory institute.

General Information about Global Optimization

The COCONUT project & Arnold Neumaier's Global Optimization page.

Global Optimization Text Books

Floudas, Pardalos, Adjiman, Esposito, G�m�s, Harding, Klepeis, Meyer and Schweiger, Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization, Kluwer 1999.
Floudas, Nonconvex Optimization and its Applications, Kluwer 1999.
Tawarmalami and Sahinidis, Convexification and Global Optimization in Continuous and Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming: Theory, Algorithms, Software, and Applications, Kluwer 2002.

Global Optimization Test Problems

GAMS Global World
Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization

Global Optimization Software

Baron (Nick Sahinidis)
DAEPACK (Paul Barton)
GlobSol (R. Baker Kearffott)
LGO (Janos Pinter)
MINOPT (Chris Floudas)

Optimization at Argonne

COPS (large scale nonlinear optimization test problems)
MacMINLP and MacMPEC (MINLP & MPEC test problems in AMPL)
NEOS server for optimization
Optimization Technology Center (Argonne & Northwestern)
TAO (Toolkit for Advanced Optimization)
TRON (trust-region optimization code)

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