About Aesop

Aesop is a high-performance, high-productivity language designed to simplify the design and implementation of highly concurrent services.
Aesop is implemented as a source-to-source translator which translates the aesop language (C + some extensions for concurrency and cancellation) to C99-compatible code, which then can be compiled by a suitable C compiler.
Currently, Aesop is mainly used to implement Triton, a highly scalable storage system.

Aesop 0.2 release

Aesop 0.2 is now available on the download page. Installation instructions can be found on the documentation page.
This is the first Aesop release to be distributed with official release packages. The most significant changes are:

  • The ae-blocking-parser component has been split out into its own package
  • Binary packages are available for Linux x86_64 machines to avoid the need to install GHC, Cabal, or any Haskell packages
  • The build system uses automake