CODES Version 1.0.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of CODES version 1.0.0. This release comes after an year of the last release (0.6.0). The major updates and features include:

  • Adding support for dragonfly-plus network model. Multiple forms of routing (progressive adaptive, minimal, non-minimal-spine and leaf) have been implemented.
  • Adding support for express mesh network model, which can be configured as hyperX.
  • Adding support for Multi-plane/rail in fat-tree via multiple single port NICs per compute node or one multi-port NIC per node.
  • Adding a generic template for building new network models. For simplest case, only 2 functions and premable changes should suffice to add a new network. Updated Express Mesh network model to serve as an example. For details, see src/networks/model-net/net-template.C
  • Darshan workload generator has been updated to use Darshan version 3.x.
  • Network models have been updated to capture simulation statistics over virtual time using ROSS/CODES instrumentation. For details, see:
  • Compatible with ROSS version that enables statistics collection of simulation performance. For details see:
  • Online workload replay functionality has been added that allows SWM workloads to be simulated insitu on the network models. WIP to integrate Conceptual domain specific language for network communication.
  • Multiple traffic patterns were added in the background traffic generation including stencil, all-to-all and random permutation.
  • Performance tuning enabled for optimistic mode. For details, see:

The release is available for download here.

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