CODES Version 1.1.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of CODES version 1.1.0. This release comes after 6 months of the last release (1.0.0). The major updates and features include:

  • New Features:
    • Addition of a separate 1-D dragonfly network model in addition to the customized version of dragonfly network (dragonfly-dally.C). Multiple routing protocols including progressive adaptive and adaptive routing are supported.
    • Quality of Service support with 1-D dragonfly and megafly network models. More details about using QoS can be found on the wiki page.
    • Addition of time-stepped series instrumentation data for the layer that simulates MPI operations and protocols.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • replace call for deprecated MPI_Type_hindexed
    • Fixed bug with mapping context which caused issues with simulating multiple ranks per node
    • Support for out of tree builds with megafly and 1-D dragonfly tests
    • Bug fix with on node and two level fat tree
  • Features in progress:
    • support for conceptual workloads — partial support in the repo. coNCePTuaL is a domain specific language/framework for auto-generating benchmarks to measure the performance and correctness of networks.
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