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The paper ADIC: An Extensible Automatic Differentiation Tool for ANSI-C describes the system issues that need to be addressed in automatic differentiation, illustrates ADIC's particular approach to AD, provides a short example, and reports on applications of ADIC to a semiconductor device simulator, 3-D CFD grid generator, vehicle simulator, and neural network code.

The application of ADIC to the CSCMDO 3-D volume grid generator is decribed in detail in the paper "Experiences with the Application of the ADIC Automatic Differentiation Tool to the CSCMDO 3-D Volume Grid Generation Code". The application of ADIC to the FCAP circuit simulator from HP Labs is described in the paper "Statistical On-Chip Interconnect Modelling: An Application of Automatic Differentiation".

ADIC currently provides for the generation of both the first and second order derivative code.  Second-order capabilities are in described in "Algorithms and Design for a Second-Order Automatic Differentiaton Module". ADIC also provides some coverage of C++ constructs.

The ADIC project was conceived and initiated by Christian Bischof, principally developed by Lucas Roh, and is currently maintained by Paul Hovland and Boyana Norris.

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