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AdjoinableMPI Documentation

The Adjoinable MPI (AMPI) library provides a modified set if MPI subroutines that are constructed such that an adjoint in the context of algorithmic differentiation (AD) can be computed. The library is designed to be supported by a variety of AD tools and to enable also the computation of (higher-order) forward derivatives.

Laurent Hascoët (currently at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis; LinkedIn - e-mail)
Michel Schanen (currently at RWTH Aachen; home page - e-mail)
Jean Utke (until March 2014 at Argonne National Laboratory; LinkedIn - e-mail)

Contributions informing the approach implemented in AMPI were made by the co-authors of [1] P. Heimbach, C. Hill, U. Naummann.

Significant contributions were made by Anton Bovin (summer student at Argonne National Laboratory in 2013;LinkedIn).

Please refer to the User Guide for information regarding the use of the library in a given application.

Information regarding the library design, library internal functionality and the interfaces of methods to be supported by a given AD tool are given in Library Development Guide

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