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Ultimate is a game played with a frisbee that has some elements of soccer, basketball, and football. The Ultimate Players Assocation has a good introduction to the game on their website. It's also pretty well described in 10 simple rules.

Argonne Ultimate Games

The games at Argonne are pick-up games. Anyone who works at Argonne or is a friend of someone who works at Argonne is more than welcome to come out and play.

We play following the Official Rules of Ultimate, with a few local customizations that help to speed up play and adapt the rules to our loosely-organized group of players.

Frequency of play varies with the time of year, the weather, the number of summer of students around, and how busy everyone is. Sometimes during the summer, there's a game every day. During the spring and fall, we usually play twice a week. During the winter, we try to play indoors on a more rigorous schedule.

So... how do you find out if there's a game? Well, you check the sign up page and join the mailing list..

Local Rule Modifications

Here are the things we do differently that other Ultimate groups. (Details are in the club's bylaws.)

  1. Make-it, take-it. Once a goal is scored by one team, possession of the Frisbee is usually retained by the scoring team. The teams switch endzones. The members of the team that just scored a point must hold their field position at the time of the goal until the disc is called into play. The other team can adjust their field positions, and then someone on that team calls "disc in".
  2. No Score. Score is usually not kept until the last few minutes of the game period, at which point folks will decide on a game to 3, or a game to 5.
  3. Variable Field and Teams. We don't worry too much about the official size of the field or the number of players.
  4. Spirit of the Game. We do believe in Spirit of the Game, and ask everyone to adhere to those guidelines. The most important aspect of these games is that everyone have a good time. Serious disputes are called with a head-or-tails flip of the frisbee, if we remember.
  5. Pick-Up Games. We don't have any specific teams. People usually self-organize into teams after warm-up, with a somewhat implicit goal of playing with a different set of folks than in recent games.
  Last updated:
  Aug 10, 2001.
by Rémy Evard.