Welcome to the CODES project

The goal of the CODES project is use highly parallel simulation to explore the design of exascale storage architectures and distributed data-intensive science facilities.

Increasingly, science endeavors rely heavily on data management, analysis, and storage as part of the discovery process. To serve large communities of scientists, complex systems and instruments are deployed across multiple institutions to manage and analyze data produced from experiments, observational platforms, and computational simulation. Evaluating designs and coordinating deployment and operation of such a virtual data facility poses a significant challenge. An ability to simulate these environments would transform the approach taken to design, procurement, tuning, and upgrade of these facilities.
Our simulations build upon the Rensselaer Optimistic Simulation System (ROSS), a discrete event simulation framework that allows simulations to be run in parallel, decreasing the simulation run time of massive simulations to hours. We are using ROSS to explore topics including large-scale storage systems, I/O workloads, HPC network fabrics, distributed science systems, and data-intensive computation environments.
The CODES project is a collaboration between the Mathematics and Computer Science department at Argonne National Laboratory and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. We also collaborate with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for modeling HPC interconnect systems.

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