CODES 0.5.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of CODES 0.5.0! It’s been a full year since the last content release and there have been a massive set of changes! See doc/RELEASE_NOTES for a full list – this post covers a few of the major ones. Downloads can be found at

  • codes-base and codes-net have been merged, greatly simplifying the build process. The new repository is at
  • we’ve added a Slim Fly network topology simulator, corresponding to the Wolfe et al. paper “Modeling a Million-node Slim Fly Network using Parallel Discrete-event Simulation” at SIGSIM-PADS’16.
  • the dragonfly and torus networks have seen many improvements, including updates to the credit-based flow control mechanism, in-depth data gathering on both terminals and routers, and the ability to periodically sample the terminal/router states for gathering time-series data.
  • workload processing (and the MPI simulation layer) have been greatly enhanced, improving task to LP mapping flexibility and allowing concurrently running workloads.
  • a number of new APIs, including a “mapping context” construct for building more flexible implicit LP->LP mappings (now used in model-net, the local storage LP, and the resource LP) and a mechanism for RPC/callback-oriented event control flow (see the resource LP API and implementation for how this works).

Feedback is welcome!

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