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How do I get shared apps working ?
We provide a programmers manual, tutorials and example code.

Why do I need my computer's clock synchronized?
The security software we are using uses a mechanism that relies on the fact that all the machines clocks are synchronized to ensure that identities are correct. This is an assumption of the underlying Globus Toolkit.

How do I get the cvs code working?
EADME-developers has information on this.


Do I need to get a new certificate when I install a new version of the Toolkit?

No, the original certificate you obtained is valid until it expires, they only need to be re-obtained upon expiration, loss, or compromise. The expiration date can be found in the Certificate Management tools.

Why does it take two days to get an identity or service certificate?

Requests for identity and service certificates are processed manually as we (the AG development team) are able. Our goal is that you should never wait more than two days for a certificate; normally, certificates are signed daily, so the wait time will be less than two days.

I need to use my node but don't have a valid certificate. What is the fastest way for me to obtain one?

If you need a certificate immediately, you can request it from the Anonymous Certificate Authority that we (the AG developers) run. Requests to this CA are automatically processed, so the resulting certificate is available immediately following the request. Anonymous certificates can be used in the same way as identity certificates issued by the somewhat more formal AG Developers CA.


I can't connect to a Venue (or NodeService, or ServiceManager). What to do?

Basic things to check in this case include the following:

  • Check that the clock on your machine is set accurately. Ideally, it should be synched to an NTP server.
  • Confirm that your certificate has not expired. This can be done in Certificate Management.
  • Confirm that you have the CA certificates to support the certificate you are using. This can be done in Certificate Management.

Where are logfiles for the software stored?Where are logfiles for the software stored?

Where are logfiles for the software stored?

Log files are stored in the following locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\AccessGrid\Logs

Linux, OSX


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