Access Grid CVS Information

This page provides information about the Access Grid CVS repository, particularly with regard to AG3.  The older revision of this page, which includes information about AG2, can be accessed here.

CVS Particulars
Organization of the CVS repository
Browsing the CVS repository online
Retrieving source from CVS

CVS Particulars

Information pertinent to accessing the Access Grid CVS server is given here.  For more information about CVS, refer to the CVS manual.

CVS Server:



Organization of the CVS repository

The code from cvs is organized into the following modules:

  1. AccessGrid
  2. ag-media
  3. ag-packaging (this is an alias for retrieving the parts of the repository necessary for packaging)

Browsing the CVS repository online

The Access Grid CVS archive is available via ViewCVS for browsing.

Retrieving source from CVS

  • CVS Tags
Tags in CVS refer to particular versions of the software.  Tags in the Access Grid CVS repository follow a particular format, exemplified by these actual CVS tags:
  • r_3_0_final
  • r_3_0_1_final


  • Unix - Anonymous CVS Access 
To get a current copy of the Access Grid Toolkit source code using anonymous, read-only CVS access:
   setenv CVSROOT
   cvs login
For 3.x source, don't specify a tag:
   cvs checkout AccessGrid

No password is required.


  • Windows - Anonymous CVS Access 
The following instructions are intended for use with WinCVS.  Specific menu references are with respect to WinCVS version 1.3.

To get a current copy of the Access Grid Toolkit source code using anonymous, read-only CVS access:

  1. Specify the CVS Repository in the WinCVS preferences dialog box.
    This is available from the Admin->Preferences Menu (Ctrl-F1).
    For the CVSROOT enter "". For the Authentication setting choose "pserver".
  2. To check out a copy of the code, choose the Checkout module
    command from the Create menu. For the module name, enter
    "AccessGrid", or one of the other modules mentioned above.

No password is required.


Bajjer (0.2.5)
Python Jabber client library
cd Bajjer-0.2.5
python install

Twisted (2.1)
Python module for asynchronous networking (and just about everything else...)

Zope Interface (3.01+)
Python interface module used by Twisted (not used directly by the Access Grid source) 

common (FuturesLab CVS)
Argonne's copy of UCL's common library
module: common
cd common; make
cd examples/_common
python build
python install

Copy to site-packages directory

Apple Bonjour
Already installed on OSX; needed for Windows and Linux.  Note that some of the current Linux packages currently rely on Avahi instead; in that case, neither Apple's Bonjour nor the Python Bonjour module below are required.

Bonjour Python module (FuturesLab CVS)
Python interface to Apple's Bonjour
module: bonjour
cd bonjour
python build
python install

OpenSSL (0.9.8)
Network security library.  The 0.9.8 release includes support for manipulating proxy certificates, so the current CVS requires it.

m2crypto (0.17)
Python interface to OpenSSL

ZSI (svn)
Python SOAP Implementation
svn co zsi

In the zsi directory, run python install

Running the CVS Code

Coming soon...


For more information: